Sunday, July 21, 2013



Blessed the ears of the soul alert enough, recollected enough to hear this voice of the Word of God; blessed also the eyes of this soul which in the light of a deep and living faith can witness the "coming" of the Master into His intimate sanctuary. But what then is this coming? It is an unceasing generation, an enduring hymn of praise...He is continually coming, always for the first time as if He had never come; for His coming, independent of time, consists in an eternal "now," and an eternal desire eternally renews the joys of the coming. The capacity of the soul, enlarged by the coming of the Master, seems to go out of itself in order to pass through the walls into the immensity of Him who comes; and a phenomenon occurs: God, who is in our depths receives God coming to us, and God contemplates God! God in whom beatitude consists.

From Heaven in Faith, Fifth Day, First Prayer

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