Monday, May 26, 2014


From the writings of St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila):

There come days in which I recall an infinite number of times what St. Paul says--although assuredly not present in me to the degree it was in him--for it seems to me I neither live, nor speak, nor have any desire but that He who strengthens and governs me might live in me. I go about as though outside myself, and so life is the severest pain for me. And the greatest thing I offer  God as principal service to Him is that, since it is so painful for me to live separated from Him, I desire to live, but out of love for Him. I should like to live with great trials and persecutions. Since I am no good for being of any help to anyone, I should like to be good for suffering so that all who are in the world might receive a little more merit, I mean by a better fulfillment of His will. 

I haven't experienced any promise in prayer that I haven't seen fulfilled, even though the promise may have come many years previously. There are so many things I see and understand about the grandeur of God, and of His providence, that almost any time I begin to think about it my intellect fails me, as when one sees things that are far beyond one's ability to understand; and I remain in recollection.
St. Teresa of Jesus,Spiritual Testimonies, No 3, 10-11.

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